We walked out of Stanley’s tonight with arms weighed down with heavy bags, and I asked Niles: “what was the damage?”

23.01. I can’t believe it. The onions alone – and there are seven or so giant ones – were 90 cents. I’d be at Stanley’s a lot more often if it wasn’t a train and a bus away.

Anyway! Much of this is going to be Christmas dinner – I think we’re going to make a giant mammoth bowl of vegetarian chili. Or, almost-vegetarian chili. It’s based on a recipe my older brother made up, which I have improved upon (shut up Jeff it’s totally improved), and maybe I’ll post the recipe later this week. Chili can be tricky – everyone has their own particular way of making it, and people can get really picky, but Jeff’s Chili (improved by Sarah) is pretty great no matter what kind of chili you like. And there are so many veggies in it, it’s practically a superfood! So more on that later.

Ok guys!! By the time this comic posts, the Kickstarter will be pretty much done! In the last few weeks (and probably for the next several weeks) every free moment that I’m not working on Sauceome is spent working on the Shuteye book. Comics all the time, comics forever! Semper Comics!