So, I’m pretty sure the other night I had my first proper bowl of ramen. I mean, besides the 20 cent Maruchan packets we all ate in college, right? This was a big bowl of spicy broth, with tender noodles, tons of roasted garlic, sprouts, bamboo shoots, tender pork cheek, piles of scallions, topped off with a delicious soft-boiled egg. Now I’m kind of sad for all the meals I’ve had that weren’t this bowl of ramen.

Okay, maybe I’m prone to hyperbole. But seriously, this was absolutely delicious. Perfect for a chilly rainy evening, like a big warm garlicky hug in a bowl. I got this at Wasabi on Milwaukee. We kind of wrote this place off at first – we went there when they first opened, and their menu was kind of small. But now the menu’s packed with tons of different types of noodle bowls and yakitori, as well as a crazy amount of sushi. とても おいしい です!

Oh man, you guys; there are only TWO DAYS left on the Kickstarter! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who’s contributed, you guys are the best. I’m working diligently on cover design and page layouts, and I’ve just finished putting the finishing touches on writing the epilogue. I am SO EXCITED for this book.