I was going to do a comic comparing Glühwein to Glögg but honestly, they’re just way too similar.

When I first moved to Chicago, I lived in Andersonville, a historically Swedish neighborhood on the north side. By the time I lived there, it wasn’t THAT Swedish anymore – sure, there were a few Swedish delis (there’s only one left now), and a handful of Swedish restaurants and the Swedish-American museum; but as far as I could tell there were more Turkish restaurants and gay bars than Swedish things. Still, the residual Scandinavian-ness is strong – once winter hits, every bar, every liquor store, every restaurant (even the Turkish ones) sells Glögg. You can have it with dinner, you can get it fresh and piping hot at Simon’s, you can but it pre-mixed at the liquor store on the corner.

But if you don’t have a sizeable Swedish population in your town, you can also MAKE Glögg. This is Niles’s typical recipe when he makes it for me, but Glögg is kind of like sangria or chili or stew – there are LOTS of different ways to throw a bunch of delicious things in a pot. Some recipes call for vodka or aquavit. Some call for cooking it on high for only 15 minutes. Some call for just as much port and brandy as wine! Some toss raisins and almonds in the cup for snacking on after you finish your drink. The important thing is: HOT MULLED WINE. Wrap yourself in a blanket and ladle it into a mug, it will get you through the long dark winter nights.

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