So, here’s the site in question. Check it out, there are some excellent posters in there. Kim sent me this link a while ago and I finally got around to digging around the poster contest winners the other night. And in writing her back I realized that I was emotionally incapable of even TYPING “to love my body” in that context. Like, I can fathom the idea of maybe one day not hating it. And maybe even being all right with it. But LOVING it? it’s hard to even wrap my brain around that idea.

But I was thinking earlier today, I’m not sure I know anyone – at least not any woman, but maybe any PERSON – who loves their body. I think everyone I know is at least dissatisfied, and many of them are downright unhappy. How did we get here?

One of the things my yoga teacher was talking about in class tonight was that it’s not an accident that we are how we are. God, or the universe, whatever you wish, doesn’t make mistakes like that. I am exactly who I am supposed to be. You are exactly who you are meant to be. Not that some changes are impossible, or even unnecessary in some cases… But there’s nothing to be gained in wishing to be something you aren’t, when you could be just enjoying the awesome things that you are.

Or, you know, whatever. I feel inarticulate tonight. Blame the beers. :)

We leave for Portland tomorrow. I won’t have a scanner out there. I’ll try to upload something before I go, but most likely there won’t be another update until Tuesday night. A plus tard, mes belles!