So, Tacosgiving ended up being just barbacoa tacos, because I got sick, and I spent the whole day trying to convince myself that I wasn’t sick. I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but my immune system has a tendency to completely break down the second I get a good chunk of days off. Convenient, huh? This one wasn’t too bad, actually, no nausea or sniffles or anything, just lots of aches all over, and monstrous chills, and fatigue. I had the energy to make a bowl of guacamole and to tend to the barbacoa, but that was about it.

But the barbacoa was excellent! I used this recipe, altho I switched out the Coke zero with Jarritos Mexican Cola, and I added an extra chipotle pepper or two, because we like it spicy. It was easy and delicious!