For a friend’s birthday we found ourselves at Lady Gregory’s, a delicious (new-ish) little Irish gastropub in Andersonville. It was lively, lovely, and full of delicious food and dangerous cocktails. I gave in to a powerful little item named, ostentatiously: “Gods and Fighting Men”, and while I’m not exactly hungover, I’ve definitely been feeling the effects of that one all day.

But the special flatbread, with duck confit and caramelized onions, was delicious. The macaroni and cheese was decadent – they have one with lobster and truffle cream and I shudder to think how amazingly rich that one must be. We shared a few “amusements” too – they had a kicky little take on deviled eggs that was really delightful, and the amish blue chips were excellent – a little restrained, which was good; I love blue cheese, but a small amount of it goes a long way.

News: HOLY COW YOU GUYS. I’m 70% funded! I can’t believe it. I adore you guys!!

Also thanks SO MUCH to everyone who stopped by the Chicago Book Expo! It was really great to meet you guys! :) I hope no one came by on Sunday, I wussed out and skipped the second day in favor of relaxing and hanging out with my boyfriend.