Ok, before anyone goes feeling sorry for my super-casual Thanksgivings, seriously, don’t worry about it. My family’s all in Texas, Niles’s family is all in Arizona (or Japan!). Niles and most of the people we know all work in the service industry, which means they don’t get the normal holidays off that the rest of us do. Niles in particular works with wine and fancy cheese, so he’s always slammed during the holidays. He can’t get time off around Thanksgiving or Christmas to travel anywhere, so our holidays are usually pretty quiet and low-key. It suits Niles just fine, because he’s always stressed this time of year, and it suits me just fine because I have time to work on comics.

We usually end up having a few fun little dinner parties during the holidays; the last few years we’ve ended up having dinner with friends, but this year we don’t seem to have made any plans. Now I get to cook dinner for my brother and Niles! Only neither of them really have any preference for what we eat, and I don’t much care for most of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. At least not enough to go out of my way to make them.

So what should I make? Should I try my hand at pizza again? I never seem to get the crust right, but I’m eager for more practice. I could do a big hearty pot of chili, that’s always good this time of year. There’s a spicy Ethiopian chicken recipe that I love to make, and I haven’t made it in a while. I also have a big red kuri squash on my table that wants to be made into something, and a frenched rack of mutton and plenty other farm meat in the freezer. What should I make?

My Kickstarter project was the Project of the Day yesterday!! What an amazing honor, and such an amazing response. I’m more than half the way there now!

Also, another reminder that I’ll be at the Chicago Book Expo this weekend, with books and prints and other fine things, so feel free to stop by and say hi!