So before I get too deep into this, I encourage everyone to go read Sady Doyle’s answer to the question Why is being skinny so important? I have been kind of thinking about it ever since I read it, and I’m beginning to think that I need to be reading it every morning before I leave the house. It is that important.

So the morning that we left Minneapolis, I was packing, and this thought occurred to me. It’s funny how the simplest, most common sense concepts can seem so radical, so revolutionary sometimes. When I write it down, when I say it out loud, it seems obvious and even trite, but the idea that I could just be happy, to just be content to be me exactly how I am, it was like it had never occurred to me before.

Not in the sense of, oh, it’s cool to be as weird as you are and make comics and play the accordion and like Doctor Who. I’ve been okay with that part of me since I was in grade school. But swallowing the idea that I’m seriously okay right now, that’s harder. Maybe I’m content to be who I am right now, not “I’ll be content when I build some muscle in my upper arms” or “I’ll be okay when I lose another ten pounds,” but “I’m okay, I’m content, I’m happy with me RIGHT NOW, just as I am, no adjustments necessary.”

The idea popped into my head and it was like time stopped, that’s how incredible – and almost frightening – I found the concept. When you’ve spent your entire life convinced that you’re not good enough, that you’re not skinny/pretty/sophisticated/smart/sociable/fit/whatever enough, reversing that lie can be difficult, to say the least. Even when the truth seems so ridiculously obvious.

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