Guys, I had seriously the best time at Minneapolis Indie Xpo. Minneapolis is just gorgeous in autumn. I had a super amazing fun drive up there with Corinne and Kate, I had a great time tabling next to Ursula and Brian, I had amazing fun hanging out with Jordan and Britt, Anna and Jordyn and Barbara too. I really feel like I didn’t spend nearly enough time with anyone, but I met so many great people, and I saw such amazing work all over the place. And I’m completely tuckered out now, so I’m phoning this one in a little, so I can get back to my serious plans of falling asleep on the couch to Law & Order episodes on Netflix.

Oh! One piece of news. I debuted this print at Mix, and now that the convention is over, it’s up for sale at Shortpants Press in case it is the sort of thing you would like to hang in your kitchen.