So here’s the delicious, delicious meal we had at Masa Azul. Their chorizo was deliciously spicy, and smokier than your average chorizo. Their shrimp was perfectly cooked, too. The sweetness of the corn in the quail stuffing was a perfect offset to the spiciness (and it was spicy!) of the stuffed pepper. Their cocktails were dangerous, too. The “Smoking Jacket” has reposado tequila, Malbec, a sweet potato/avocado leaf puree and a combination of salt and smoked brown sugar on the rim. The “Eucalyptus Spiced Pear” had tequila, a housemade syrup of eucalyptus and ginger, pear nectar and came with a sprig of pungent smoked rosemary that filled my nose with its aroma every time I took a sip. What Longman & Eagle does with whiskeys, Masa Azul does with tequilas. The menu was almost overwhelming with intriguing options; we’ll definitely be going back!