Ok. Of course you can do the part two way and cook it in the slow cooker. It’s certainly tender and most definitely edible. But I think it would have been more flavorful to roast it and really get a nice golden cider-infused crisp on the outside. The slow cooker seems like it would be a better tool for recipes with thicker sauces, barbecue, pulled chicken, things like that.

Now of course I can’t really vouch for the exciting conclusion to cider chicken. But there’s another (how did that happen?) whole chicken in my freezer for some reason, so if we ever finish off the slow-cooker chicken, maybe I’ll give this recipe another shot.

Hey, in other news, what are you doing next weekend? I’m going to be at the Minneapolis Indie Xpo with a lot of other wonderful, talented people! I’ll have books and a bunch of original paintings and not one but TWO Sauceome prints (the second one arrived the other day, and I’ll have it on the site once Mix is over). So much is going on next weekend! I’ll be at the Drink and Draw party on Friday night, I’ll be the special guest on The Geek Report podcast on Saturday morning, and I’ve got multiple pieces in this gallery show at MCAD! It is a whole thing, you guys. A WHOLE THING.