So Corinne Mucha came over for dinner tonight, and I made her plateloads of sushi, and we drank hot apple cider spiked with Scottish whisky, and we talked and talked and talked, and then she threatened to leave and go back to her house. And I said, you don’t have to go so soon, but I do have to draw a comic tonight, and she said, just give me your sketchbook and I’ll draw it for you, and that is the story of how this comic came to be. A good story, but it’s not nearly as involved or as entertaining as Corinne’s story of what happened to her in Amsterdam when she was backpacking through Europe.

She totally nailed my outfit tonight, as I am wearing not only stripey socks but also a stripey sweatshirt. And that’s one of our kitties, Dr. Wily, in the last panel, sitting on a chair like he thinks he’s a person. But she is too kind, I do not make anywhere near the best sushi.

Corinne is awesome, and you need to go read all of her comics and then probably buy some of them. She’ll be at the Minneapolis Indie Expo at the table next to me! We often get tables next to each other at conventions, and then we spend the whole time talking to each other instead of selling things. If you do see her, you should ask her to sing her zombie song, it is pretty much the best.