It’s okay! I’m better! so please let me make some food for you.

I have no idea how I got pinkeye, except the Wikipedia page (don’t click on that, it’s gross) says that it can be viral, bacterial, or allergy-related, and my allergies have been crazypants off the wall lately.

But man, there is nothing like a little pinkeye to make you realize how many things you touch every single day. And how many people don’t want to touch those things, or have you prepare food for them. And rightfully so, I promise, I don’t resent anyone here, they were right to not want me near their foodstuffs, I didn’t want anyone else to get pinkeye. But it left me feeling very lonely, all the things that I normally do, like making lunch or dinner, talking on the phone, opening doors, handing things to people… Suddenly I had to have this weird, self-imposed barrier which meant that I wasn’t allowed to touch anyone, and it was very frustrating. It’s nice to be able to touch things (and people) again.

Still, wash your hands, you guys! Wash ’em! Also, don’t have allergies.

But I’m better now! and I’m making sushi for Corinne this week, and that will make me happy.