I will pretty much fall in love with any manner of eggs Benedict, you guys. I love a poached egg, a runny yolk, a well made hollandaise with spongey bread to sop it up. But I especially love seafood-based eggs Benedicts, crab cakes, smoked salmon, things like that. This was my first lobster Benedict, and while the lobster was probably subpar, even subpar lobster is pretty great to eat, especially when combined with pancetta.

It’s been a pretty great food weekend all around. I made some unagi sushi, we filled up giant bags with delicious looking produce at the farmer’s market (purple carrots! butternut squash! raspberries! shallots! cherry tomatoes!), I got a lobster Benedict, and we managed to get seated at Kuma’s tonight with NO WAITING. I haven’t been there since the blizzard (that was FEBRUARY; there was 3 feet of snow on the ground and we STILL waited 20 minutes for a table) so it had been several months since I had my favorite ever burger: the Lair of the Minotaur, topped with melty brie, sweet caramelized onions, pancetta and delicious bourbon-poached pears. So good!

Hey guys, in other news, my Ouija Interviews totally got called out on Rookie! I have such a crush on this publication, and the awesome girls who make it. If you watch the video on that page, Tavi has a few of the original Ouija Interview zines! I only have a handful of those left now that the collection is out. Anyway, I’m geeking out big time. If you don’t read Rookie, you totally should. But if you know any smart, industrious, clever and kickass teen girls and they’re not reading Rookie, that’s just a crime. Sit them down in front of the computer. Now.