Once, I told Niles I had to go to the store because I had run out of sushi rice. “Who runs out of sushi rice,” he asked, “that’s not also a sushi restaurant?” I go through a lot of sushi rice.

There are certain things that I always keep in the house now – rice, nori sheets, sushi vinegar – in case the impulse to make sushi strikes. There’s also usually SOMETHING in the freezer like sashimi-grade tuna or unagi to put in the middle of a maki roll. But we are stocked now, as if we are prepared for a hypothetical sushi drought.

This comic is a bit of a lie because I totally just cooked and ate most of the scallops in an attempt to recreate a scallop rice recipe I found in Oishinbo. But everything else is there! If you are local to Chicago, I get 99% of my sushi supplies at Joong Boo. The unagi (it’s already cooked and seasoned!) is the only thing I haven’t been able to find there. I’ve only seen it at H Mart in Niles, and I have no idea when I’m going to be able to get there again. Oh! I bet it’d be at Mitsuwa too, but that’s even harder to get to without a car.