I was reading this article the other day about how people with fair skin (ie, me) might not be able to make as much vitamin D as we need, even in the best conditions. I am of the opinion that this is entirely unfair. Pout.

Anyway, I know it’s pretty dumb. I really do. I have known this for about three years now, that it is dumb that my instinct is to refrain from purchasing a light therapy lamp because of the cost. Somehow, my brain translates this as me being responsible, as if somehow it is more responsible to spend entire weeks in January beating myself up because I’m convinced that no one really likes me, and that even my closest friends are just barely tolerating me out of politeness. So if any of you have any recommendations for a therapy lamp, or know of a place to start looking, I’ll take them. One year I looked into buying a lamp, and then realized that hydroponic gardens had sort of the same kind of lamp, and they were only $60, and I could grow basil in them, so I got that instead, but I seriously doubt it’s the same thing.

I should add that I am in no way recommending that anyone self-medicate with vitamin D or any other supplements, or if you do and you don’t like them please don’t sue me. I am skeptical and withholding opinion on the 5-HTP for now.

I should also have added making comics about seasonal depression to the list, because that’s what I ended up doing last year. But I’m going to be plenty busy this winter anyway, with all of my grand plans.

Anyway. Anyone use a light therapy lamp and wanna talk about it? Michèle?