Guys, I am pretty sure that researching and drawing the panel with the house centipede was probably the grossest, nastiest thing I have ever done for comics. I hate those things so much. So much so much so much so much.

I’m not a big fan of hot dogs; the uniformity of the texture bothers me. I haven’t had one in ages. Niles doesn’t like hot dogs either, he was just trying to tease me. I know this is kind of an old and possibly unfair joke, (it goes back to the 1800s!) the idea that hot dogs are made out of … whatever. There are plenty of brands out there that make their hot dogs out of only high quality cuts of meat. Of course any hot dog that a discount store is giving away for five cents is probably not from a high-quality brand, and the fact is that there are a lot of hot dogs out there made with liquefied bones and feet and things, every part of chickens and pigs that you can imagine, with little regulation and oversight, crappy conditions for underpaid workers, and corners cut at every available opportunity. You get what you pay for.

In other news! I’ve added some more photos to the gallery of awesome people who are getting a free issue of my newest minicomic! It’s too late to get your own free copy, but if you want to purchase it, you can get the print minicomic (with hand-silkscreened cover!) here, and a much cheaper digital download of it here.

(ps: did you notice the two savory crepes I ate this weekend?? There will be more info about those sometime in the next few weeks.)