We went to a pick-your-own farm this weekend, and spent a few hours in the gorgeous autumn afternoon sun wandering around fields and orchards, through rows of pumpkins, apple trees, blackberry bushes, and corn. I went there with no particular plan and came home with a basket full of different kinds of tomatoes and peppers. While we were wandering through a row of giant sweet bell pepper plants, I saw two of the largest, prettiest bell peppers I had ever seen, and I picked them just because of how beautiful they were. They weren’t even fully ripe, but they were a gorgeous rainbow of yellow and orange. So tonight, I cooked some brown rice, sauteed some ground beef and onions and tomatoes, mixed it all together, filled the peppers to the brim, and baked them in the oven. One pepper made for a perfectly sized hearty meal, full of delicious spices and vegetables and nutritious brown rice. The other one’s wrapped in foil in the fridge right now, and it remains to be seen whether Niles will devour it, or if I’ll get to take it to the office for lunch some day this week. Niles did start an amazing batch of chili in the slow cooker before he left for work today – between that and the stuffed peppers, I bet our building smells pretty awesome today.

In other news: HEY! YOU! I finally finished the last issue of Shuteye! It’s done, it’s printed and assembled and ready to go. I’m giving free advance copies to anyone who has the first five issues of Shuteye. Are you one of those people? Want your free copy? Instructions are here! I’ll have the books available to everyone in about a week or so.