Sorry sorry sorry for the delay! I’m here. :)

My week from hell *appears* to be over. I got up early on Saturday to tear through coloring my piece for Womanthology, and finished a CD jacket commission on Sunday, and I think by Sunday night it all caught up to me. I drew this last night, and managed to scan it, but I completely passed out before finishing it.

We had a fun weekend though. Ate some delicious mussels at Revolution Brewing, made myself some slow cooker hoisin lamb chops, attended a mud wrestling event (it’s true! Niles won a raffle prize and now we have a giant metal PBR sign, I have no idea where we’re going to put it), and enjoyed the perfect, perfect weather.

Also, I engaged in a little retail therapy and treated myself to a set of watercolor paints. They are lovely to work with! Here’s an avocado.

What else should I paint with these? Give me some assignments, I need practice. :)