So I haven’t satisfied my current bibimbap craving, and I apparently still have it on the mind. But I realized, it’s kind of an unusual dish for most westerners, and maybe I should explain why it’s so great. The strength of it is that it’s a ton of wonderfully distinct and interesting flavors, which blend together in such a way that it’s very much greater than the sum of its parts.

Bibimbap can vary, but it’s pretty much rice, assorted cooked vegetables, and some meat. Dolsot bibimbap is cooked in a super-hot stone bowl that sizzles and turns the rice at the bottom all crunchy and crispy and delicious. The best is when you drizzle the whole bowl with sweet red pepper paste and stir it all together, then it’s just perfect.

If you live in Chicago, I can personally vouch for the bibimbap at Woo Chon at Lincoln and California, and Gosu in Logan Square. I really should have just gone to Gosu this weekend – I’ve learned by now that once I get a bibimbap craving, it doesn’t go away until I get some.