Oh man, you guys, I want a dolsot bibimbap SO BAD right now.

Have I mentioned this before? I was an insanely picky eater as a child. My family made fun of me because we’d go to dinner and I’d only want to eat a roll. I would go for months wanting to eat nothing but plain yogurt, or cinnamon and brown sugar oatmeal. It’s been so gradual it’s hard to see the thread connecting tiny me, who just wanted white bread (“cotton bread”, as my dad calls it) and current me, who has seriously been craving dolsot bibimbap for a few weeks now. Oh God, with tons of hot sauce, and everything all mixed together, and the rice getting all crispy on the bottom of the stone bowl and oh god why am I not eating it right now?

Is it odd though, that when I think about the culinary equivalent of a warm snuggly hug these days, all of my current comfort food dishes are east and southeast Asian? I seriously tried to think of a more diverse selection, but these are all my best and favoritest food-hugs.