I feel like it’s a cop out when I use my Sauceome page to draw what I’m eating, because it’s so fun for me. Niles put some mutton chops in the slow cooker this afternoon so they’d be ready for dinner tonight, and they were delicious, but mostly it was just really nice to not have to think about making dinner tonight. I’ve managed to cross a number of things off my giant list of deadlines, but there’s still plenty. Speaking of!

* I’m going to be at Wizard World Chicago this weekend!! Booth 3254 in Artists’ Alley, with artist Allie Bustion. The bad news is we are waaaaaaay in the back. The good news is we are right by the bathrooms! Convenient!

I promise to stop taking cell phone pictures of cosplayers long enough to sell you things. I’ll have books, Sauceome prints, probably some old serigraphs and linoblock prints, and some League of Courteous Cyclists shirts and stickers! Come out and see me!

* Speaking of those, ALL PREORDERS (and some post-orders) for League of Courteous Cyclists shirts have been shipped!! If you’re in the US you should see them in a week or so. International orders will take longer, of course.

* My pencils are done for Womanthology! I’m waiting to hear back from our editor to make sure they’re ok, but if she gives the goahead to ink, maybe I will post them for you. :)