Stress is inevitable, right? Occasionally my job is going to be horrible and annoying and stressful, and it looks like we’re entering into one of those times. On top of that, I’ve overcommitted myself to a number of projects – I can get it all done, but it’s putting a strain on my free time, and it’s bad timing on top of the day job.

It’s interesting, because I remember drawing a comic for Sauceome that was not unlike this one, during a previous really stressful time at work. It was much earlier in my Sauceome days, and my main goal at the time was to find a way to salve the stress without turning to food, to train myself to find comfort in other things. This afternoon, I soothed the stress by getting some frozen yogurt, and this evening I treated myself to brown rice & avocado sushi. Both were pretty reasonable treats, but more to the point, both of them were conscious, mindful treats, not the zombie-like carboloading I used to turn to in times of stress. That always just ended up leaving me feeling worse than before. Food can be emotionally comforting without being bad, I guess, is what I’m trying to say.

Also, the coerced cuddling is something that always makes me feel better. :)

Announcements again! I will be at Third Coast Comics Saturday, the 29th, signing things and drawing things and dancing various jigs and reels for your amusement. Stop by and say hello! There will be food!

Also! I will be at Chicago Wizard World this year. I have a table conveniently located aaaaalll the way in the back, almost as far from the entrance as possible, but quite near the restrooms.

Also also! I will have a piece in Womanthology! I haven’t been hyping it because they’re already more than fully funded, but funding the kickstarter is the best way for you to get a copy of the book. So if that sounds like the sort of thing you would like, there’s the link.