(The title of this post comes from a comment on Kotaku, which cracked Niles up so much that he woke me up to show it to me. Someday, someone needs to teach me how to knit, so I can knit that phrase into a scarf for him.)

Haters gonna hate! Some of these things are irredeemable. Cucumbers and melons, anyway. I have never liked the taste of either of them. I mean, watermelons are mostly ok, and I like tzatziki and cucumber raita sauces. But honeydew, canteloupe, raw cucumber? They have always tasted wrong to me, kind of soapy, and tingly. And then a few years ago, my brother ate a bunch of raw cucumber and got all dizzy and nearly passed out, and I looked up cucumber allergies. Turns out they’re related to melon allergies! So maybe I hate the taste of them for a reason, who knows.

The rest of these, though – kale and chard, summer squash, broccoli, even lima beans – I suspect that I could get over my hatred of them. Specifically, I suspect that I’ve just never had them prepared WELL. So if you happen to like any of these horrible, digusting foods, I invite you to recommend a recipe for me in the comments, and I will totally give it a shot!

In other news, we had a leeetle bit of a date night tonight at Ciao Napoli pizzeria, and I am very full of exceedingly tasty foods. Fortunately we’re running tomorrow to make up for some of it. :)