Our beloved neighborhood bar recently started featuring desserts by our friend Donnie on the menu. “The Donnie Special”, the menu reads, and then it basically says, whatever Donnie feels like making. Donnie, a good friend and former bandmate of mine, went to the French pastry school. I’ve always known he was good at baking, but this is becoming a real treat for us. So far this summer the Donnie Special has been a lot of berry tarts and pies, and they were all excellent. But the current Donnie Special blows them all out of the water. It’s a soft, delicate sponge cake that’s infused with basil – and looks like it has finely chopped fresh basil baked right into it – rolled around strawberries and cream. It’s very summery and light, and it’s delicious. I texted Donnie from the bar tonight to tell him I wanted to eat ten of them, and he advised me that was a wise decision.