I am so great at feeling guilty for things. Maybe that’s my superpower!

So I’ve spent much of the day thinking about our responsibility to our fellow man vs. care for our personal safety. Was this guy suffering from heat exhaustion at 7:30 am? Or was he just drunk? In which case, is it dangerous for me to try to wake him up? Should I have stayed? or would I have just gotten in the way? I think we pretty much did everything we were supposed to do – or, at least, that other girl did. I didn’t do anything.

Anyway. The girl in question didn’t mean anything by that “I’m a lady” comment – only that she didn’t want to rouse a potentially angry potentially drunk guy, as a girl traveling alone. In the end, I’m sure the guy was fine, I’m fairly certain he was just drunk, and I’m sure the cops and/or paramedics showed up shortly after we left. I still wish I had stayed, though. I never know what to do in these situations! There should be a manual.


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