So! Just like the poached egg, this is one of those things that I always wanted to learn, that seemed simple but actually proved pretty tricky. The biggest trick with caramelized onions is patience. You want to cook them slowly enough to bring out the sugars without letting them burn. You kind of have to hover a little bit, to make sure they’re cooking evenly.

Other tips: you can do this with any onion, although I prefer to do white and yellow. Red onions are a little sharp for caramelizing, and your Vidalias and 1015s are sweet enough on their own. Also: if you’ve been cooking for a while but all the oil has cooked off and they look like they’re burning a little, you can deglaze them by pouring in a little water or cooking wine.

Caramelized onions are an excellent addition to burgers or roast beef sandwiches, and they pair really well with pungent cheeses.