Here’s my delicious-smelling bike commute! Chicago has a lot of restaurants, and I have a long bike commute, which naturally passes a great many restaurants. Please don’t stalk me with this information. I mean, you can, I guess, but it would be SUPER boring. Potential stalkers, my average day is: get up, bike to work, be at work, bike home, make dinner, sit on couch either 1) drawing or 2) playing a video game, sleep. Crazy dull.

Obviously all of these restaurants aren’t always cooking things; my morning bike commute isn’t entirely a series of one delicious smell after another. But in the morning, Horner Park smells pretty strongly of warm, fresh cinnamon rolls, thanks to the commercial bakery across the river. And Reza’s seems to be cooking all of the day’s garlic in the morning, and I always get a faceful of the aroma of baking donuts from La Baguette as I bike past. On my ride home, Giordano’s smells amazing, and I don’t even really like Giordano’s that much. And it’s immensely difficult not to stop at Kuma’s when the street smells like delicious grilled burgers, and sometimes I’ll even alter my route so I won’t be upset when I bike past and see how crowded it is, always, every day, at all times.

Bulletin Announcements:

Still taking preorders for the League of Courteous Cyclists shirts!!

I’m on Google +. At first I was all “meh” about it, but honestly, it is a super interesting way to share artwork. I know it’s early in the game, but I kind of like it better than facebook and tumblr and maybe even twitter, at least for how easy it is to upload, share, display and read multipage comics projects. I don’t think it’ll end up replacing or killing any of the other social network things, but I do think g+ will end up being very popular with artists wanting to share their projects.