So, here’s a recipe I just threw together tonight. Portabellas (portobellos?) are great – if you marinate and cook them right, they have a smoky meatiness to them that can make them every bit as satisfying as a hamburger. They’re awesome grilled, of course, but I like baking them too, because they take on all the flavors of whatever you’re baking them with, in this case: garlic, spinach and tomato.

You know, when I’m cooking, I rarely set out to make anything specifically vegetarian. But a lot of times I finish preparing a meal and realize, oh hey, this is completely vegetarian, and it’ll surprise me a little. I grew up in a pretty meat-and-potatoes kind of household, where almost every meal naturally included some meat. So it feels like a nice little testament to how much my eating habits have changed, when I make something that happens to turn out vegetarian.

Anyway. Baking and stuffing portabellas! Makes for a nice lightweight summer sandwich.