Sorry, this one feels a bit lazy, mostly because I’m feeling cruddy and I don’t want to kill myself over the comic. I have something, who knows what, a summer cold I guess. Summer colds are the worst, as Nathan Explosion taught us. I have discovered this afternoon that I only feel good when I’m eating hot and spicy soup – as in, for the actual duration of the time I am eating the soup. But I can’t be CONSTANTLY eating soup!

“Can’t you?” Niles asks me.

Well I suppose there’s only one way to find out, and it does kind of feel like my obligation to Science to find out if I’m capable of eating soup in a constant loop – a soup loop, if you will – but I’m just not sure I’m feeling a great responsibility to Science today. And I can already tell if I’m typing things like “soup loop” that I’m just too fuzzy to be writing much of anything to you tonight. So now that I’ve tried to burn this cold out with tom yum and red curry, and tried to drown it in green tea and emergen-c, and smother it with kitties, now I’m going to try sleeping it off.