I was telling Niles this story, and he said, “well, then you were right to not get rid of the hoodie.” But… no, I mean, yes, of course it’s nice that I kept it and now it suddenly fits, but NO, I still stand by my assertion that it’s a bad idea to keep clothes around if they don’t fit you. Every spring for five years, every time I tried it on, this hoodie made me feel like crap. And contrary to what most of us seem to think, keeping it around never once served as motivation to lose weight or eat better or exercise more. It’s a happy coincidence that I get to wear this hoodie now, but I honestly should have gotten rid of it a long time ago.

Still, it makes me feel pretty nice. Maybe it’s trying to make up for the five years that it made me feel crappy.

Oh, I haven’t plugged this in a while. Do you enjoy liking things? Because here is a facebook page, and it enjoys being “liked”.