I was talking to two of my very bestest awesomest friends tonight, and recalling a time – many years ago – when on a whim, I cut my hair pixie short, and had it dyed platinum blonde. I wasn’t a size four or anything, and I certainly didn’t have fine or delicate features, but I got so many compliments all the time. Everyone loved it. It was dramatic and striking. There’s such an interesting freedom in making a big change like that. I used to change up my hair a lot more often, but I’ve gotten very happy with the long red hair lately, so I think it’ll continue to be this for a while – but there’s a part of me that’s seriously thinking about chopping it off and going platinum blonde again.

When I was in college, I really wanted to shave my head, just once. Just to see what it was like. I never had the courage, mostly because I kept thinking I had to lose weight in order to do it. I have always thought that my forehead was too high, or my neck too short, or my head too bumpy, or my features too rough, or my eyebrows / complexion / nose / etc too “whatever”. And I was nervous at first, asking Ruth to give me these bangs, but they looked so cute on HER that I couldn’t resist. And you know what? I LOVE THEM. I love them more than I’ve ever loved my bangs. I think they look amazing. They make me feel amazing. So who cares if I don’t have Audrey Hepburn’s alabaster skin or aquiline slender nose or swan neck. That’s no reason to deny myself kickass bangs, you guys. Almost no one looks like Audrey Hepburn. The rest of us are allowed to do awesome things to our hairstyles too.

I’m not going to shave my head though. At least, I don’t think so.