Okay, sorry for the delay everyone! I’m back and there will be comics again.

Did you know I used to live in St. Louis? It’s true. My family moved there when I was in junior high, and I went to high school there. I went away for college, and when I graduated I moved back, and lived in St. Louis for five years or so before I moved to Chicago. I can’t remember the last time I went back to visit, but it must have been about five years ago. Anyway, we finally returned for a wedding this past weekend, and it was great to see what’s changed and what’s still there. We had a great time, but between normal wedding celebrations and trying to make up for so much lost time with old friends, I think I drank a year’s worth of beer. And what do you know, I feel pretty crappy. Surprise! Garbage in, garbage out.

Time to start putting some healthier fuel in the machine.