Today’s comic is by Beck Kramer, and it seriously blew me away. Isn’t it beautiful? Go tell her to make more comics like this.

One of my favorite things about these guest comics that I’ve gotten is how different they all are – some people wrote about food and recipes, some people about getting healthier and losing weight, and some people about just feeling stronger and better about themselves, feeling comfortable in their own skin. Monday was the first really hot and sunny day in Chicago for the season, and I wanted to wear a bright blue sleeveless dress to walk down the street to meet Lucy for margaritas and tacos. I put it on and immediately started second-guessing myself. I don’t have the figure for this, I thought. But then I thought about Beck’s comic, and said to myself : I’m going to wear what I want to wear, because Beck’s comic said so.

Also, it bears mentioning that Beck looks pretty damn amazing in her birthday party finery. :D