We’re into week 2 of Sauceome guest comics, and I’m a little over halfway through the pencils on Shuteye #6. Hooray! Today’s comic is by MarĂ­a Victoria Robado, also known as Shouri, who does the simply adorable Springiette comics. She’s a comics artist AND graphic designer, like myself, and you can tell. I’m such a sucker for comics that are beautifully drawn AND beautifully designed.

Anyway, Shouri’s got a recipe for alfajores for us! If you’ve never had one, alfajores are like big sandwich cookies, or maybe small moon pies, only they are a thousand times better. We found some at our winter farmer’s market, and they were light and delicate and delicious. I’ve never tried making them for myself, though! I bet I could find Argentinian dulce de leche at the Mercado next to Tango del Sur on Southport. Hmmm so many tasty things to make!