Today’s guest comic – a cocktail recipe!! after my own heart, you guys – is from Terry Gant, aka Terry Midnight, proprietor ofThird Coast Comics and Amanda Elliot, aka Elliot Junkyard, of the amazing and delightful Vampire Kitty and Space Bat! They are among the best people to buy comics from, and in Chicago we have a lot of truly excellent people to buy comics from, so that is saying a lot.

I am primarily a beer drinker, and failing that, I usually go to red wine. But I have been thinking lately that I should be drinking more cocktails. Partially because they take longer to prepare, and as a result I consume them more thoughtfully, more consciously than a pint of beer. But also because they can be enormously classy. I have a recently discovered weakness for Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, but beyond those – and of course, your cringe-inducing sugary girly drinks, the My Little Ponies of alcohol – I don’t have much familiarity with cocktails. I do own a Savoy cocktail book, which I’ve almost never used. Time for an education!