So! Niles and I went to a burlesque show over the weekend. (that link is NSFW, you guys) It was hosted by the lovely Michelle L’amour; this comic really does not do her credit. If you get a chance to see this lady perform, you really must do it, she’s utterly amazing.

Anyway. All of the performers were great, and you know what? They were ALL DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES. I’m just guessing here, but it looked like they maybe ranged from a size 20 all the way down to a size 2 and everything in between, and every single one of them was beautiful and confident and sexy. It was a fabulous show, we had a great time, and I left the show feeling pretty amazingly happy about my particular shape and size. Not quite happy enough to take burlesque lessons myself (although if I did, I’d be taking them at Studio L’amour), but definitely with a bounce in my step and a contentedness in my body.

A few notes! I’m taking preorders for this Sauceome print until Friday! After Friday, it’ll be $12 instead of $10. As long as we’re on the subject, are there any other Sauceome comics you guys would like to see as prints? I was thinking of maybe making sushi week a big scroll print, but I don’t know if anyone would be interested.

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