Seared scallops are probably my favorite thing to eat, period. You might remember Scallop Week from about a year ago? I think about scallops a lot.

Searing scallops is simple enough, but like a lot of “simple” things you can do in the kitchen, it can be super tricky. High heat is the main thing. I clarified a little butter for this batch, and it worked like a charm. Make sure you’re not overcrowding the pan, too – too many scallops packed in too tightly will lower the pan’s temperature. You’ll still cook them, and they’ll still taste good, but without a super high heat you won’t get that delicious looking caramel crisp to the edges.

Oh! also, these instructions are for your bigger, meatier diver scallops. If you’re cooking smaller bay scallops, the cooking time is shorter.