Ok, I’m sold. THANK YOU for telling me to try steel-cut oats! Niles brought me some steel-cut oats, and I looked up a few recipes, and I made a good sized pot of it. We had maple yogurt in the fridge, which lent a very nice maple flavor to the oatmeal – although I think I’d like to try it with just plain or vanilla yogurt next time. The recipe I was using called for milk and buttermilk, but I was more in the mood for yogurt, and that’s what was in the fridge anyway. The best, though, what makes this really amazing, is toasting the oats before cooking them, in just a little bit of melted butter. The whole house smelled like oatmeal cookies.

So I was able to have oatmeal for breakfast Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and it really sticks to your ribs. I just had a small bowl in the morning, but it kept me sustained for quite a while. I’d still like to try the baked and overnight recipes, too!

I would have had more of the oats this week if I weren’t working so hard to prepare for MoCCA fest! If you are in the NYC area, come and see me this weekend! I’ll have lots of books – no Sauceome ones yet, unfortunately. I have a few more of the Sauceome recipe book previews left but… um… I’m not sure where I put them after the Chicago Zinefest. Ha! So I’ll have them if I find them before my flight tomorrow. But I will have some lovely Ouija Interviews, and many many copies of all the issues of Shuteye too.