So apparently last week wasn’t a fluke! Or I am doing something right, finally. Happy dance!

Amazingly I haven’t really felt that hungry, or like I’m depriving myself of things. Apparently there are a lot of ways to make a salad and still have it be a filling and tasty meal. Who knew? :)

I’m a little worried that the weekend will send me back a few steps. My band is playing a show, and I tend to imbibe quite a bit when that happens, out of nervousness or joy or camaraderie or just heightened emotional whatever.

OH, one more quick note. I don’t really have a weight goal. In a lot of ways it’s just a number – 204 might look a lot different on me than on someone else. But since the changes are so small and subtle, I don’t really know any other way to gauge progress right now than watching the scale.