Actually, Gosu means a person with exceptional skill. But it also means that I now have walkable – and DELIVERY – bibimbap in the neighborhood! Gosu has taken up residence in the old Rustico place, next door to Hachi’s Kitchen, which means that there are TWO sushi restaurants next to each other. Can Logan Square sustain both? Only time will tell. But I’ve been craving a good dolsot bibimbap for a few weeks now, and it’s very comforting to know that I can get some right here at home now.

(Can I tell you, I felt kind of bad drawing another bibimbap? Like it was somehow cheating or something. But I didn’t think you’d mind.)

I was kind of cranky on Sunday, feeling very restless and irritated with everything, and it’s amazing how far the miso soup and the bibimbap went towards improving my mood. It made me think about comfort foods, and how much my set of comfort foods has evolved over the last 5-10 years. Growing up, my comfort foods were macaroni and cheese, instant oatmeal, plain hotdogs on white bread buns. Blueberry muffins and sausage patties that my dad made on Sunday mornings. My grandmother’s carob cake. Things like that. These days, if I’m sick or feeling down or sorry for myself, my instinct is to order a good pad thai, or some sushi. Over the last year, that’s expanded to include dolsot bibimbap – sizzling in a stone bowl, with the runny egg mixing into the vegetables and beef, the rice at the bottom getting caramelized and crispy. And I’m actually hard pressed at this moment to think of a food that warms my soul as much as a little bowl of hot miso soup. It always amazes me, how much food can feed your soul as much as your body.

UPDATE: Guys. Talk to me about a Sauceome book! I have been getting quotes on what it would cost to produce a full-color book of the first year of Sauceome comics. Full color is expensive! But it looks like I could do a small run of them (500 copies or so) for around $8000. Do you think I could raise $8000 in a Kickstarter? It’s kind of more than I was wanting to spend, but that would put the retail price of the book around $20, $24 or so, which for a full color, nearly 300 page book, isn’t so bad, right? Kickstarter rewards would range from signed copies, hand-silkscreened prints, custom paintings, acknowledgements, things like that. Any thoughts?