So we are on week three of C25K, and it’s pretty awesome. I never thought I was capable of jogging, but easing into it as gradually as this is really amazing. I am slowly learning to breathe, and to pace myself, and to run lightly enough that it doesn’t stress the joints. And it feels GREAT. I’m really starting to get it, too, why people like running so much.

Of course, Randi and I talk almost nonstop while we’re jogging, which doesn’t help the breathing. I hear at week 5 we’re going to do a 20 minute stretch of running. I imagine there will be much less talking then. Until that day, though, it’s a great way to get exercise and catch up with each other at the same time.

It is probably a good sign that I don’t feel the need to prove anything via the food diary, right? I mean, seriously, when I started this whole thing, I think I was trying to explain myself. Like, you guys, maybe I am fat but it is NOT because I eat three chocolate cakes for dinner every night. But that’s only because I myself was buying into the misconception that anyone who’s overweight must be overeating, must have no willpower, must be stuffing their face with fast food all day and sitting in front of the tv all night. But that wasn’t ME, I thought; it’s entirely unfair because I do everything right and I’m still fat. Unlike, you know, everyone else who’s overweight. THEY’RE what’s wrong with America. But now I’ve spent a year and change eating better and exercising even more, and I’ve lost a little weight, but not much. Could it be that every body is different? Could it be that a person can be healthy and fat at the same time? I swear, after almost every Sauceome I draw it’s like, *facepalm* Sarah, this stuff is obvious. You knew it all along, you just didn’t quite BELIEVE it.

But! So! Hmmm, right? I am really not sure about this format for the food diary. I mean, aesthetically I like it, but it just makes the page so LONG. From a technical standpoint, I’d kind of like to have the whole week on one page like I did last week, but you guys are right, there is something unique about thematically superimposing the day’s (or two days’) food with the comic. Bah! I think I’m going to be indecisive about this for a while, but we’ll try this format for now and see how it feels.